Emma Jiang

-Registered Nutritionist

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Who is Emma Jiang?

Emma has focused intensely on the study of nutrition, dedicating her career to unraveling its power. Her transition from a decade-long tenure in nutrition research and product development to becoming a registered nutritionist in 2020 mirrors her dedication to evidence-based nutritional methods and a strong commitment to enhancing lives.

What’s in It for You?


to take control of your weight management journey with confidence

Deeper understanding

of how dietary choices impact your blood sugar and overall health


to ask questions and get personalised advice from a nutrition expert


your weight management plan with a solid, science-based approach.

When and Where?

April 18th 2024
from 7:00-9:00pm

EMA Newmarket, 145 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland.

Why You Should Attend?

Learn how ketosis works and how it can be a game-changer in managing your weight.

Explore the principles behind protein sparing modified fasts and how they preserve muscle mass while targeting fat loss.

Discover how this program can be integrated into your ketogenic diet for enhanced results.

Gain actionable advice and tips on conducting a ketogenic diet safely and effectively.

Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about improving their health and wellness.

Customer Reviews


"Emma was fantastic from the get-go. She showed me simple and easy steps to take, to change my lifestyle through food!"


“What an awesome experience with Emma. As an emotional eater, Emma taught me how to have a better relationship with food, which resulted in more gains”

Train with the best

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